Over the past years, Shelter is one of their basic necessity of life individuals need a place to stay at all times ranging from a business man who travel from one place to another in the course of their business to student who goes to study away from his home. Different professionals travel out of their domain in other to achieve   certain aims and objectives such as tourism.

An Apartment can simple define as a building or a place for the great to receive room and stay for short period of time, also a place of refreshment, entertainment and protection of the visitors. In many states or countries however an apartment accommodation are defined based on their status, diverse as many family and business travelers they accommodate.

Establishment varies greatly in size and in the service they provided. Apartments comprise the majority of establishment and tend to provide more service than other lodging place. Most Apartments accommodations are commercials properties that cater mainly to business people, tourist and other travelers who need accommodation for a brief stay. A small, but growing of luxury apartment chains also manage condominium until in combination with their transient rooms, provide both guest and condominium owner with access to the same service amenities. there has been a tremendous increase in the demand for easy apartment locations.

Apartment search/viewing and booking is something which is done by everyone who wishes to travel to a place and lodge. This is normally carried out by travel agents. The process of finding the best apartment in central location is time consuming and in some cases poses a security risk to the client (Wayne Lawrence, 2012).

By tradition, guest apartments were largely hooked on cards and paperwork at the front office to keep in touch with old and current customers. They were largely at the mercy of the desires of vacationers to arrive (Lalit, M 2010).

In today world it has become vital for people to pay close attention to the internet as a means of transaction, every business needs to stay one step ahead of their counterpart or competitor and that also includes the apartments or rental industry too, Landlords/Hoteliers have also realized that the face of innovation in technology is continually changing and they need to take a proactive step in implementing technological advances while continually striving to build levels of service quality and apartment Loyalty (Magnini et al,2003).


a.       Inaccuracy: there is high probability of having errors in figures that are manually collected, thereby creating problems during daily balancing.

b.      Inadequate and lack of information availability on apartment accommodation location for travelers and students visiting lapai.

c.       Tedious: the existing system of room reservation in paradise guest inn is very tedious because the clerk in charge has to issue the form for the customer to fill and at the same time count the money paid by the customer.

d.      Time wasting:  the existing system of apartment booking practiced by all apartment owners in lapai is time wasting, due to the single clerk attending to the numerous customers coming to make reservation, this time wastage is more pronounced if customers are paying money in lower denomination.


            The aims and objectives of this project are to:

a.       Develop a site for apartment accommodation owners in Lapai that will aid customers book apartment anywhere.

b.      Provision of apartment lodges information for customers without necessarily visiting lapai.

c.       Make data retrieval and manipulation easier and faster than in the usual offline process.

d.      Help safe time and energy for both the staffs and customers of the apartments in Lapai.

e.       Make record keeping safer and more convenient than using the normal offline process.

f.        Make apartment management more flexible and reliable.