This project is aimed at the design and implementation of software package for use in the research of marketing Department in marketing research information system of N.B.C PLC Minna.

This is intended to store all relevant information about the sales summary report and to be able to know the exact amount of goods in stock.

It wound also render a wide knowledge not restricted only on sales and stocks control it organized and most of the problem they have encountered using the manual system.

This would provide a computer facility to eradicate the problem identified.

Finally, based on the results of the analysis the project came up with recommendations that would facilitate and improve up on the marketing

Research information system of the above organization.



            “Goal achievement” is the watch word of ever, business organization tries to main economics resources whatever maybe its views and philosophies and which ever route these goals are to be achieved. Given a set of resources organization try to maximize profitability.

            The philosophy applies to all spheres of the economy, particularly marketing organizations. In order to achieve laid down goals, modern techniques in business demand that planned and defined system, and tools be formulated and adopted to meet the requirement organizations required. One of such fundamental tools is marketing research, marketing research can be defined as a formal, systematic collection recording, analysing and reporting of data aimed at solving a given problem or identifying an opportunity.

            Marketing research also concerns itself with co – ordinating responsibilities, comparing actual sales volume with the forecasted sales volume and asking upon result to achieve maximum profit. The universal application of marketing research data by various marketing organization and their fields of human endeavour cannot be over emphases. N.B.C is not therefore an exception in this direction.

            In Nigeria context, we operate severs market economy which is a situation where whatever severs of different products brought in the market must be sold.

            Companies in Lagos State in particular and in Nigeria in general pay deaf ears to marketing research from the fact that the country is experiencing production crisis, which has pastured into crisis of supply, and which has made it impossible for our manufacturing firms to cope with the supply of a wide of consumer goods to it various companies that exist in our distribute system.

            Marketing research acts as a guide to business executives by controlling their scope of marketing concept negligence.

            It directs management to a realistic approach to its goals and objectives. The tools also harness the functions and efforts different departments of a company and ensures effective co- ordination of total marketing efforts in an organization.

            By this, deviation form laid down standard can be detected and corrected at the early state.

            Marketing research investigates whether or not marketing research as a management tool contributes to improved managerial efficiency and also to what extent this tool is to increase profitability.

            Then marketing information system (MIS) is an organized way of continually gathering and analysing data to provide marketing managers with information they need to make decisions.

            In some companies, an (MIS) is set up by marketing specialist. In order companies, it is set up by a group that provide all departments in the firm with information.

            Information is not wall maintained and documented. When important information is not properly stored, especially in disk, diskette, G.O or any computer storage device, it will likely get lose easily and the maintenance is not assured.

            Also the cost of maintenance will be very high in maintaining important information that is kept on a file or documents.


The primary aim and objectives of study is a develop a computer that is capable of carrying out the task in marketing research information system.

By the introduction of MIS (marketing information system) that will help the marketing managers to plan for strategy, have a steady or fixed price, know the customers reactions on a particular goods to help them tackle unforeseen circumstances that may arise, suney’s of secondary information, to determining data collection also implementation the research plan and others too numerous to mention. 

As an old adage says a problem well define is half solved. When the problem has been carefully defined, the manager and researcher must set the research objectives.

A marketing research project might have one of these type of objectives.