This project work which is conducted to meet the stipulation of the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) for the award of National Diploma in computer Science deals with the application of computer in Hospital Administration and Records with respect given to ESUT  Teaching Hospital Enugu.  It focuses attention on computering the existing manual record system.


            The diverse sectors of the economy are fast growing for which the medical and health care professions are no exceptions.  Being that these professions are in the increase day-by-day and they are lots of jobs done just to improve the services rendered to patients that visits the hospital, the need for the application of computers in this particular profession should not be overemphasized.

            In fact, apart from food and national defiance, we spend more money on medical  and health-care services than on any other single services since “Health is wealth” and we as patients expects the very best from our Doctors.  All these expectations have been in place ever before but are more realistic today.  Perhaps, the most significant factor effecting this shift lies in the eventual development of computers.

            Computerization is the use of computers and computerized devices factories, offices and other working places to perform automatically tasks previously done by human beings.  This computer – based system is of great importance to the growth and survival of the various sectors of the government especially in Hospital where lives are saved.

            It is therefore, the aim of this project work to introduce.  The computer-based information system in Hospital administration and record system.  The principal reason for the introduction of computer in this project id to improved patient case through patient medical records keeping and this is achieved through computerization.  ESUT TEACHING HOSPITAL ENUGU as the case study of this project work.  The project will examine and investigate the already existing method of manual processing of medical records  in this Hospital.  The projects work will also suggest the most modern method of records system for the overall administration of the Hospital.