Voting is a very important process in the Nigerian political system. It is one of the means and the most effective method of ensuring a legitimate government through popular participation. To enthrone sound democracy and stability in the political system of Niger state, a system of refigure voting has to be put in place. The system would among other functions discourage double voting, forging or hoarding of electoral papers, massive transfer of ballot papers destruction of ballot boxes, inflation of election figures and unnecessary delay in pronouncement of election results. This could be achieved by computerized voting process to remove the difficult administrative tasks of the conduct of election in Niger state. It is the basic forms we set to achieve in this study.

            Therefore this project aims at alleviating the incidence of rigging and introduction of an organized procedure of voting which is the bane of socio-economic and political progress in Niger state.


            Voting is a means of selecting or choosing leaders. It does not apply only to local governments, states and federal government of Nigeria but also in different institutions and social organizations. Therefore, the conduct of elections in a democratic society is very important not only because through it a change of government is effected but also because voting is the main form of political participation for most people for democracy to be sound and smooth, it should be enhanced on election free from fraud.

            Many centuries ago, most societies were societies were primitive and had not evolved a system of voting  to elect the leaders that will govern then and promote societal harmony and peace. This means that people have to devise a system whereby a leader or a set of leaders have elected from the ranks of the people. At that point the idea of voting and being voted for became important and necessary. But before an individual can cast his or her vote, there are certain conditions to be met, one of which is to be registered as a voter.

            Since independence in 1960, the Nigeria political scene has witnessed incessant upheavals, wide scale dishonesty and societal bitterness, which in most instances, degenerated into lawlessness and destruction of lives and property. Theses unfortunate situations paved the way for and served as spring boards for the emergence and growth  of unskilled democrats and military leaders in the governance of the nation. Many Nigeria‚Äôs are disappointed that a post independent 46years-old Nigeria is still operating constitution which does not enjoy an overwhelming national acceptance, as evident in the persistent calls for the convocation of a sovereigns national conference on the one hand, and the growing demand for ethnic nationalities on the other.

            For about four and half decades since independence, the nation had shifted position between parliamentary and presidential system of government, with several military in cursions into polities over the years. Even the present presidential democratic dispensation is still undergoing experimentation with varying degrees of trial and error approach. It is in the light of the foregoing, that this project on voter registration, is written to serve as a useful tool of enlightenment in the hands of voters, the electorate and the general public.

            However, voter registration is a critical aspect of the electoral process. A credible voters register is a prelude to free and fair elections. It is also important for people to know is qualified to vote, where, when and how to vote. Also, a full knowledge of the registration procedure will encourage eligible voters to participate in the electoral process.

                                            OBJECTIVES OF STUDY

            The main objectives of this project work is to design a fully web voter registration system which should be able to

- Effectively carryout the task of voting automatically and timely.

- Put to an end the indiscriminate alteration of election results by any officer of the electoral commission of Niger. This will inculcate discipline in the commission and promote their independence.

- Secure ballot papers and elections results from any accident what server and  to quickly detect any defaced ballot paper or a ballot paper that is wrongly plumb printed.

- stop multiply or double voting, forgery in any shape or form and smuggling of ballot papers into ballot boxes. This will restore the integrity of votes cast in any election in  Niger state.

- Generate accurate report and effect a sticks knowledge of election results using an on-line computer processing system.