Ever since man discovered the computer and hence computer science, attempt have been made to computerize every facet of human life.

          This project work experts the issue of designing and implementing a state civil payroll accounting system which inherent advantages (speed and accuracy over the more tedious inefficient and time consuming manual system.

          This system encountered the following problems. Late receipt of raw data each month. Regular break down of the accountant machine presently used for data processing, irregular power supply, many errors resulting from the manual methods of data processing and the office caused by bulky files and constant complaints for errors from the workers. Consequently a computerized payroll accounting system when designed to take care of the above problems.


          Computer, the versatile data processing machine has been found very useful in every human endeavor since its incursion into many fields of study, industry, business, sciences and technology in general. Payroll is being prepared by organization, committees, governments and other business firms, it is also part of account department, many organization concern. It is used for the preparation of worker’s salary daily, weekly or monthly.

          The payroll module which helps in data processing, processes monthly pay of all the employees in state civil service commission. The module maintains staff loans, advances, tax and other deductions from staff pay. It also performs annual increment on the salary of qualified staff each month. The payroll list every employee for whom the computer has produced a payroll chewue and shows for each employee what deductions are subtracted from gross earnings to arrive at net pay. This report is reviewed by the manager of the payroll department before the cheques are released for distribution.


          Over the years, manual method of payroll has been used. This method has its problems. It has been proven to be very ineffective and inefficient. Some of the problems are

a.     The job of preparing salary payment manually is tedious causes delay

b.     As a result of the problem above, manual method have a lot of discrepancies.

c.      This method encourage fraud figures are easily manipulated and changed.

d.     The manual method requires people who are competent in mathematics related computation to do a reliable job. As a result people of such are very scarce.


          The study aims at designing a payroll accounting system that will help to eliminate mistakes, delay and frauds associated with manual calculation of workers salaries and entitlements