Surf the roads?: Investigating a truck driver’s needs for a Web Browser in the truck cab



Long haul drivers spend a lot of time in their trucks which consequently serves as both a work place and a second home. The Internet, and communication and information technology can be used for both personal uses by the drivers, and lead to major savings for the haulage firms and provide high level service to the customers. This study investigates what needs long haul drivers have for using the Internet in their trucks, and which devise that best would suit their needs. A questionnaire study was held including 35 drivers, and an interview study including 30 drivers. The results show that almost all drivers want to perform work related tasks through the Internet, and several of them also want to use personal applications online. Work tasks online needs to be performed during the day, whereas private use of the Internet mostly would take place at nights. Several drivers are positive to an integrated system for using the Internet in the truck, and the study presents a possible concept for such a system, and discusses the results related to present research and applicable theories.


Trucking transports currently accounts for 95 percent of the value of all goods shipped within the EU (TYA, 2011). The demands from consumers and companies are high on people working in the transport industry today. The deliveries are expected to be quick, flexible and effective and the transport vehicles that manage these demands the best are the trucks (TYA, 2011). But to be able to meet the high demands a truck is not enough, the truck drivers have to settle in on the high demands as well. One way of doing so is to spend a lot of time away from home in their trucks. To drive long distances, in different continents and different countries, and to stay away from friends and family during long periods of time. Many truck drivers both work and live in their truck big parts of the year and there are many of their daily needs that still have to be fulfilled. It’s both work related needs and private needs, like being able to contact friends and family, search for information and so on. Many of these things could be done through a web browser. So, the focus of this thesis is to find out what needs truck drivers have of a web browser in their trucks, what device a web browser should be used through, where it should be placed, and what it should be used for.


 Information technology and the Internet can ease many work tasks. Truck drivers spend a lot of time away from home, many of them sleeping in their truck several nights per week. A web browser is an effective tool for finding and sending information, keeping contact with family and friends etc. The aim of the study is to find out what needs long haul drivers have for using the Internet in the truck cab, and what kind of device they’d like to interact with to use the Internet.


The research questions are divided into two main questions, about what needs long haul drivers have for a for using the Internet in the truck cab, and what kind of device that’s best suited for their needs of using the Internet on in the truck cab. 

 What are long haul drivers’ needs for a web browser in the truck cab?

o What fields of applications of a web browser do they need?

o In what situations do they want to use a web browser?

o Are the needs different for work related uses and private?

 What kind of device is best suited for long haul drivers’ needs for using the Internet in the truck cab?