An on line voting will improve the proper way to keep information about votes it will enable the INEC to achieve their aim during the election. Since the relevant information needed will be available and accurate, this can enable them to achieve their target in eradicating and prevention of electoral mal-practices like riggings of election and other negating act. 

                             BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY

            The designing and implementation of on-line voting system is a task that come when it suppose to come, the world is a global village, interactions between one part nd another part of the world are within seconds, thanks to internet.

            The quest of introducing on line voting system because  imperative to curb the menace of election riggings and thuggery  during election is it possible? How could it be approach?

            The approach is simple and quite easy the masses should be educated on how to register on line, scans of their thumb prints shall be all stared in the computer. On the election day the electorates shell choose candidates of their choice through on-line voting system.

            These information should be passed across to the national electoral   commission for counting, analyzing and announcement of election results.

            To ascertain the possibilities of frond thumb prints of the electorates are companied to that of the on line reiteration. On this note voting are based on registration if you are not registered definitely you must not vote.

            The implementation of these on-line voting will save the country the huge resources material and man pincer it loses during an election.

                            OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY

            The objective of embanking on this project “the electronic voting system” are-

1.         To show case to the masses the best way of fighting electoral mal-practices

2.         To elaborates the procedures of using this system.

3.         To expose and established a lasting solution to electoral mal-practices