In this modern world everything can be controlled and accessed without the presence of a particular person- that which the time constraint of the modern world demands. This concept is implemented in a complete way through the Online Customer Care Services. It is not practical in today‚Äôs life to spend much time only being dedicated for a particular work.                                                                            The administrator module is concerned with updating of the number of Services and price control in the shopping portal. The administrator can add product or services to the portal and enter their details like Name, price, rules and regulations, as well as the internal specification. He can view the details of both services and customer and has the right to delete from the shopping portal if necessary.

        Every service will be given unique Product ID .When a customer comes to reception desk of the shopping Centre, a new registration number is automatically allocated to him. His personal details like Name, Age, Sex, Address etc, will documented and the service desired are fed into the software.

E-commerce is fast gaining ground as an accepted and used business paradigm. More and more business houses are implementing web sites providing functionality for performing commercial transactions over the web. It is reasonable to say that the process of shopping on the web is becoming commonplace. An online store is a virtual store on the Internet where customers can browse the catalog and select products of interest. The selected items may be collected in a shopping cart. At checkout time, the items in the shopping cart will be presented as an order. At that time, more information will be needed to complete the transaction. Usually, the customer will be asked to fill or select a billing address, a shipping address, a shipping option, and payment information such as credit card number. An e- mail notification is sent to the customer as soon as the order is placed.


Online Customer Care Services is a necessity in every Shopping Center,   the current manual system used in customer care services counter of the super market is not active or effective in the operation of their day-to-day activities, some difficulties is still existing in the process involved in carrying out the activities that goes on in the super market. These difficulties includes: -

i.        The lifetime of paper record is very less that it easily getting damaged, thus resulting in loss of data.

ii.       It is quite difficult for generating the reports and is time consuming for any updation/modification.

iii.      Manual system needs more manpower for its functioning.

iv.      Expenditure is high in terms of salary and time.

v.       The other limitation of the existing system is that there is no communication between customer care representative and the customer when they are away from the super markets.

vi.      Some customer and customer care representatives devote emotion for each other since they are able to see each other physically, there by disturbing the process of sales of the super market

vii.     All records may not be handled or written by the same person, so the format will be different resulting in loss, in time of invoice tracing.

All these lapses are what make the researcher to embark on this research, to design a web-based program that will be solving the problems in super markets generally.


The primary objectives of the research are to design and implement web-based program, which would assist super market in their sales processes. The objective for embarking on this research work is to find solution to the problems facing super market in times of customer care satisfaction system processes which includes: -

i.        Reduces recurring complaints

i.        To understand the effect of website on customer care services satisfaction.

ii.       To see how website can improve the interest and motivate the customer for shopping.

iii.      To promote the effective use of website in the delivery of all product and services environment.

iv.      To maintain high standard to market and super markets in equality with western part of the world.

v.       To ensure that all sales stores in various level have interest in web-based transactions.

vi.      Request by the customer will be checked automatically and instantly.